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Dentures Richmond, VA

Dental Dentures in Richmond, Virginia with Fred Knaysi DDS, PCTooth loss has a major impact on your quality of life, affecting just about every function of your mouth. Simple tasks (most notably, eating and speaking) that you once thought very little about suddenly become difficult. Moreover, the more teeth you lose, the more difficult they become. At Fred A. Knaysi DDS, we can help to restore the functions of your mouth, and your smile, with dentures.

Causes of Tooth Loss

Tooth loss can occur for a variety of different reasons:
•  Gum disease. This is the most common cause of tooth loss. When your gums swell, pockets are created. Bacteria fall below the gum line and begin to attack your periodontal ligaments and jawbone. Untreated, your teeth become loose and eventually fall out.
•  Facial trauma (accidents, falls, sports injuries, etc.).
•  Smoking.
•  Bruxism (grinding and clenching of your teeth).

What are Dentures?

Dentures have been used to replace missing teeth for a few hundred years. However, the dentures that exist today are significantly different from the ones first used (they are even vastly different than dentures from just a few decades ago). Technological developments have designed dentures to be more natural in appearance and much more comfortable.

Dentures are a removable prosthetic device that consists of false teeth in a colored gum base (which can now be customized to blend in more easily with your natural gum tissue color). They are designed to be supported by your gums and can be used to replace a full arch of missing teeth (full dentures), or sections of consecutive missing teeth (partial dentures). They are made to be taken each out each night for cleaning, and to give your gum tissue an opportunity to rest.

Full Dentures

When you are missing all of your teeth (whether in your upper jaw, your lower jaw, or both), or you have no salvageable teeth left, full dentures may be used as a replacement. Before getting full dentures, the remaining unhealthy teeth (if any) will need to be extracted. After extractions, impressions are taken of your mouth, which is sent to a lab and used to design and create your custom fit dentures. Full dentures need to be replaced approximately every seven years due to bone resorption in the jaw, a natural occurrence following tooth loss.

Partial Dentures

If you have lost a few teeth in a given area of your mouth, but the rest of your teeth are still healthy, there is no reason to extract these teeth. We can provide you with a partial denture instead. The process for a partial denture is similar to that of a full denture. Partial dentures are of a similar design as well, with the addition of metal clasps that hook on to your healthy teeth, providing additional support. Again, periodic replacement (approximately every seven years) will be needed so that you always have a denture that fits comfortably and works correctly.

Other Options

All of the developments in dental technology have brought about the rise of dental implants. This method of tooth replacement requires a surgical procedure to place titanium rods into the jawbone, but implants provide more stability and comfort. They are often suggested for the lower jaw as a means to anchor a denture in place, where dentures are more likely to slip out of place.

Don’t let tooth loss affect your quality of life. Call Fred A. Knaysi DDS today at (804) 554-5599 to schedule your appointment and find out if dentures are right for you.

WEST END - CALL (804) 554-5599
8921 Three Chopt Rd. #304
Richmond, VA 23229
EAST END - CALL (804) 313-8070
1001 W. Nine Mile Road
Richmond, VA 23075

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